Summer – 6 Week Program

Investment Banking in Practice: Financial Modeling & Valuation

6 Weeks
M-Thur 9am-11am

The Ideal Candidate

You are a driven, high-achieving student who wants to move ahead quickly in the world of Equity Research, Asset Management and Stock Valuation.

To succeed in the field, you need training in financial modeling and valuation. You may have previously looked at a career in the financial industry, but lacked the required technical skills or experience.  Now’s the time to look again.

The Overview

The summer analyst training program at New York School of Finance gives you a solid foundation of skills in financial modeling and valuation. The program is led by working financial experts with years of experience so you get the up-to-the-minute skills it takes to succeed in today’s industry.

Our unique instruction method ensures that you have not only the theory, but also the hands-on practice you need to make sound financial decisions in real time.

As a New York School of Finance student not only do you learn from trainers with experience at the world’s largest and most profitable investment banks, you also take part in a coveted internship program at a boutique investment bank, private equity firm, venture capital fund or hedge fund.

The Outcome

This summer program is a prime opportunity to hone your skills with work on real-world business transactions, and to make connections that could support your future career growth.

You will learn interview skills vital to securing a position in a competitive job market, thanks to our emphasis on mock interviews. Our career support services also include resume critique, so you’ll feel confident as you meet recruiters from the hub of the financial world.

The Program Curriculum

Weeks 1-3

In these critical first weeks of the program, you will learn core model building. Accounting concepts are refreshed while we learn techniques behind projecting an income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, and supporting schedules. Taking Wal-Mart as a case-study, building skills in interpreting financial reports and assessing future performance is key during these weeks. Attendees are tested on topics learned to assess progress, which also serves as great interview preparation.

Weeks 4-5

The next two weeks focus on the concepts and practical use of valuation. The full financial model built in the first three weeks is now assessed for value. We learn how to build an accurate set of comparable companies, understand precedent transactions, and conduct discounted cash flow analyses. Interview preparation discussions tests material learned and helps transition a candidate into a full time job.

Week 6

Furthering model interpretation, we begin to discuss and model equity raises, debt raises, asset acquisitions and divestitures. These are fundamental concepts that seed transactional M&A learned in the next weeks. We introduce the concept of M&A by discussing and modeling an accretion / dilution analysis – the core analysis to assess financial impact of a target company into an acquirer in a merger or acquisition. A final exam tests skills learned and also proves as interview preparation.

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